African Americans Poverty

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Jordan Halpern Good intentions don’t always bring good results To help African Americans out of poverty, a lot of issues need to be taken care of. However, actions taken to solve these issues have actually increased poverty and other serious problems. The issues that need to be dealt with included: Wealth care, access to schools, minimum wage, prevention of young worker, and restrictions to become an independent worker. The government putted programs in place to solve these problems, so why they are not produced the anticipated results? They led African Americans to a bigger poverty and to a more serious point of no hope in the future. There are a lot of wealth care programs to help African Americans to have their own housing, free medical…show more content…
So of course, African Americans who got out of those schools had less chances to find a job. The minimum wage for young people went up, so there was less employment. In the ’50, the wage for young African American who was working was 1$/hr, and everybody who wanted to work could find a job. In the ’60, the wage went up and so did unemployment for that category, to 50 % unemployment. The minimum age of workers was an issue too. In former days, African Americans found a work after school. This learned them to work, gave them experience, and responsibility. Restrictions to access to jobs were a big issue too. The unions to protect their people don’t give access to outsiders (minorities) and so the African American didn’t have easy to access to jobs. For example: In New York, the taxi drivers union is very powerful and African American taxi drivers represent less than 20 % because of the restriction for driver licenses. In Washington DC, where there are no restrictions for driver licenses, the African Americans drivers represent 70% of taxi drivers. The taxi trip prices are cheaper, because of the huge
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