African Americans of African Descent Essay

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African Americans of African Descent Barbara S. Pratt PACO504-B03 Liberty University Dr. Dwayne Bond Abstract African Americans have had a long and turbulent history in America, but this was not always the case. African Americans has a remarkable history that begins on the continent of Africa thousands of years before the birth of Christ were kings and princesses and even slaves in the ancient empire of Ethiopia. African Americans have been faced with many impossible circumstances, hardships, and the dividing of their families; however they have managed to continue to thrive and increase in the face of adversity. African Americans have been described as a strong resilient people group, and all who have come to know them, and understand them will come to appreciate them and respect them for who God has made them to be; a unique, prevailing, and deeply spiritual people on the earth. This paper will explore the development of African Americans in history -their Current state, and cultural identity. A Brief History of African Americans There is a vast amount of books, articles, journals, and internet sources about African American history that is readily available almost anywhere. However in previous years gone by numerous early studies of African Americans revealed negative views that describe this culture as “incompetent, disadvantaged, and poor”. But thanks to a rising scholarly movement of African American researchers and scholars who begin to take another look at this negative view and have offered a more impartial view that includes the strengths inherent in this ethnic population have concluded that the recognition of ancient African culture and history is vital to fully comprehending African Americans culture. McGoldrick, M., Giordano, J., & Garcia-Preto, N. (2005) p. 87. According to the text, African Past to Civil War volume I. the history
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