African Americans and the Civil War Essay

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Roman Robinson Robinson-1 HIST 4300-01 Pro.Anderson March 27, 13 Sectional Reconciliation after the Civil War The sectional reconciliation after the civil war was a very primitive subject in our nations memory towards the future. Our American ancestors had some very tough issues to deal with after the conclusion of the civil war. They had all just survived four full years `of bloody battles and massive destruction of the cities and countryside. Histories estimated of the causalities exceeded 600,000, which remains still, by a large amount, our nation worst war. They now had this dilemma: what do we do now and where do we go from here? As David Blight argues in our book Race and Reunion, it took the difficult choice of “ both remembering and forgetting.” (31) They did thing in prioritizing the rebuilding of the nation over antagonizing the defeated Confederacy. It was a long arduous process, and by no means was easy or had unanimous approval, but it re-laid the foundation for the prosperous United States we have today. Furthermore, if we look back then and even till this very day, severe punishment has routinely been the standard for any rebel. Now victorious union had to decide what the eventual consequences would be for the defeated South. Many people harbored strong feelings of sorrow and anger. Do we prosecute them? Do we execute them? Do we confiscate their land and belongings? And if we do any of the above, how do we not alienate any chance of them ever coming back into the fold, into what we used to have? On the one hand, if they were too hard on the defeated Confederacy they would risk alienating them forever. They would be shooting themselves in the foot when it came to any chances they had at rebuilding a peaceful and prosperous nation. It is nearly

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