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African Americans Shannon Cowper American History Since 1865 Christopher Berg May 19, 2014 While African Americans once had few opportunities in their lives beyond working in the fields from sun up in the morning to sunset in the evening or as my Grandfather always said, “from can see to can't see.” There were however some slaves that fared far better than the field slaves by being selected as house servants, cooks and maids. Later, historical developments opened the door to many African Americans, but it would be many years before African Americans would begin to see some relief from blatant racism and gain a small measure of equality. In today’s world many people are aware of the unfortunate situations of the African Americans from their earliest arrival here in America; through their ordeal in slavery, their denial of all human rights; being treated as animals and yet still being able to survive all of these travesty’s. This paper will attempt to guide you through the awful time of slavery, The Black Codes, The Reconstruction Period, the Emancipation Proclamation, The Ku Klux Klan, and Harlem Renaissance in order to bring insight of their plight and will hopefully help us to understand the African Americans presence here in America and the important roles they played in our American History. The charter generation was the first slaves that were imported to the American colonies, were part of the cultured children of Europeans and their African wives or mistresses. These slaves spoke many languages, were well informed about trade, and could maintain good relations between the governments of different countries and other people. When they arrived in the North American colonies, masters were quick to realize that their slaves were as valuable for these skills and also for their labor. Because of this, and also because of the nature of that early society,

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