African Americans Essay

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African Americans Brenda Bolding Eth 125 Rodney Cullifer 12-13-2009 African Americans life in the United States was framed by migration forced and free. Forced migration from Africa, Slave’s trade carried black people to America, second the slave trade transported them from the Atlantic coast to the interior of America South, third migration carried black people from the rural south to the urban north.. The nightmare was weeks and months being locked in the holds of a slave ships and the traumatic loss of freedom. Being sold for gold and spices and used for working in the fields and home There were millions of Africans that were forcibly carried to America; they arrived in the main land North America in the sixteenth century. African Americans faced it all prejudice, segregation and racism, because whites knew they were different and they actually wanted them to know they were different, so they therefore treated them differently. African Americans had to eat, sit, drink, and be taught in a different place from the whites, in which they had fewer books and materials and no highly educated teachers. It was not fair that they had to sit in the back of the bus because they’re black. They had to used separate restrooms, water fountains, entrance to movie theaters and other public places, also whites burned crosses on their lawns, windows busted with flaming torches, They didn’t have the opportunity to vote, they lived in the south with the Ku Klux Klan which was formed in 1966 they wanted to keep former slaves powerless. African Americans faced dual labor market and were affected by it. In early stages of the emancipation they were forced into a lower labor market. If they managed to get an education they started in a much lower position then the whites. In the African American emancipation not many Americans had an education, even when they did

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