African Americans Essay

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Barack Obama- Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. His father, also called Barack Obama, was from Kogelo, Kenya, Africa and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was from Kansas, USA. He was elected the 44th President of the United States of America on November 4, 2008 a Democrat, and was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. His Vice-President is Joseph Biden. Barack Obama was the first African American president of the USA. Rosa Parks- When Rosa Parks was born, she was named Rosa Louise by her parents. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a teacher. Her parents separated when she was two years old, and she with her mother and brother moved to her grandparents' farm. During that time African Americans did not have much rights Rosa lived in fear when she was a child as a result of the insults and prejudices against people of her race. Rosa Parks is most well known for standing up for her rights and not giving up her seat in the bus. she was also part of an important boycott that said blacks would refuse to ride the buses unless they were desegregated and they could sit anywhere in the bus. Then on November 13, 1956 the United States Supreme Court ruled that segregation was unlawful, and the city of Montgomery, Alabama had no right to impose it on people riding their buses. Oprah Winfrey.- Oprah Gail Winfrey was born January 29, 1954, on a farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi. When Oprah was little she was affected because she was sexually abused but besides her problems in life she struggled to become a better person with the help of her father. Later Oprah Winfrey revolutionized the talk show market with her unique and natural style and rose to become the host of the most watched daytime show on television, which boasts 22 million viewers daily . She was also the first African American to own her own TV studio. The multitalented Oprah Winfrey also became a

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