African American's Impact on American Religion Today Essay

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African American’s impact on American religion today. In the middle of seventeen century, the great America under went through major changes, religion in specific. Cities along coastlines in southern America were the main determinants of colonial American economy. There was increase in population due to the increased rate of immigrants to America. Reason behind the large number of immigrants was the diversity in growth of plantations. During this economic period, it was when colonial America faced two revivals that had significant effects on it with regard to government, human socialization and religion. The significance looked upon challenging the responsibilities of religion and the rights and liberty of people. Due to the great enlightenment there was acceptance of tolerance in religion and marking of uniting of colonies (Anderson, Talmadge, and James 107). Enlightenment in colonial America was responsible for inspiring the revived interests in science, literature and education. It was during that period when a certain religious clergy built a liberal theology established as Rational Christianity. They believed that almighty God salvation was for every mankind but not for a specified group. This message was referred to the whites who were trying to discriminate African slaves in religion. Devoted Christians of the clergy respected and accepted that Gods greatest gift to man was the reason to give people right to follow the highest moral teachings of Jesus. The responsibility of divine right and religion was challenged greatly by the enlightenment of the clergy driving America to see it possible to challenge the king and the divine right. The movement formed by the faith believing clergy resulted by using a scientific strategy to all parts of the world especially America. It also challenged the government against segregation in churches and ability

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