African American Women:regarding stress Essay

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Running Head: African American Women Culture: regarding stress and the preventions of stress African American Women Cultural: regarding stress and the prevention of stress Sandra Coleman Walden University Abstract A silent killer is among the black culture of women. Affecting all black women who fall in the path of its lethal sword, it wreaks havoc with the black women’s immune systems, causes coronary heart disease, gastrointestinal problem, and hastens cancers and psychological illnesses. The silent killer is identified as stress. Experts on mental health have stated that, overall, blacks experience more stress than whites do. Reasons for stress include being subject to racism, having to work harder to gain recognition, and economic boundaries. African American Women’s Culture Regarding Stress Black women face a fatal picture of health. Evidence shows that, despite gains in employment and education, black women today are faced with more stress-based illness than their white peers. However, both black women and white women confront common and chronic stressors such as sexism, struggling with a career and family demands, and managing on a limited salary. Hidden racism in larger society and classism and sexism in their own environments makes the black women’s stress burden a much heavier one. Black women are living with chronic stress that is killing them to the point of extinction. Stress that is developed on a daily basis, stored, and never released in a proper manner is a silent killer in the black woman’s community. Physical stress affects the body while mental stress affects the mind. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that mental stress leads to a greater chance of having a cardiac event such as a heart

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