African American Women Essay

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1. Elizabeth Taylor and later took the name Greenfield was born in or around the second decade of the 1800s in Natchez, Mississippi. In 1851 Greenfield gave her first public performances, in Buffalo, N.Y. Then in 1851-52 she made a concert tour of several cities, including Boston and Chicago. Taylor also known as African Nightingale and Black Swan is best known for giving a concert for Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace in 1854. She worked with and receive tutelage from royal musical advisor George Smart. Elizabeth was internationally recognized as the first African-American concert singer. Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield had very little education, her attention was solely music and teaching. She loved to teach African-Americans the art of music. Greenfield died on March 31, 1876, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Years later she was named in the historical singer's honor. 2. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born in 1825 in Baltimore, Maryland. Harper was a writer and activist. In 1845, Harper circulated her first assortment of poetry, titled Forest Leaves. 1854 Bury Me in a Free Land was published, one of her most famous works. "Bury Me in a Free Land. In 1859 Harper became the first African-American to publish a short story named Two Offers. Harper was an in-demand lecturer on behalf of the abolitionist movement, with the likes of Fredrick Douglas. Harper was educated by the likes of her uncle. Born to free parents who were dedicated to advocation for abolition and education. Harper married and had a child, once her husband passed she returned published her most famous novel Iola Leroy in 1892. She cofounded the National Association of Colored Women with Ida Wells-Barnett, Harriet Tubman and several others. The organization pursued to improve the lives and advance the rights of African-American women. Harper died February 22, 1911, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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