African American Themes

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In “ The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, but it Bends towards Justice,” written by Maya Angelou, and “America as a College,” written by Ryzard Kapuscinski; address common themes such as racism and overcoming a defeat. In Angelou’s article, it states that blacks are no longer invisible in the US, through hard work and achievement. “ Whites now see blacks, but only as a threat to their safety or their jobs.” In America as a Collage, it talks about how minorities overcome discrimination, and “all races will merge into one race.” Both articles address different issues on prejudice and an attempt to overcome racism. The two articles carry the theme of racism in different ways. Angelou’s article, states that African Americans have come along ways since the civil rights movement. But still don’t quite get the respect they deserve, and probably never will have. Kapuscinski gives examples of cities such as Los Angeles that have become one race, that “ work toward one common aim.” The African Americans in Angelous article overcome the prejudism through American politicians who no longer attack African Americans, and by…show more content…
Angelou says, “ I have little hope for any splendid, rapid rapprochement between the races.” Angelou writes that there is a strong level of communication between blacks and whites, but still will never accept each other as equals. Angelou ends the article with, “ this is the beginning of silence; a long and dangerous silence.” Angelou thinks it’s practically hopeless, or will take a long time. Kapuscinski feels that in certain cities everybody has become one race, and that being equal isn’t hopeless. “ Here we see a revolution that is constructive.” Both articles address different issues on prejudice and experiencing an attempt to overcome racism through being

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