African American Studies Essay

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Ronald Maynard Libs 202 Prof. Brown Monday September 14, 2015 “Dear Lupita, I think you are really lucky to be this black but yet this successful in Hollywood overnight. I was just about to buy Denshi’s Whitening Cream to lighten m skin when you appeared on the world map and saved me…” Lupita’s opening sentence with the letter she received from most likely a teenage girl really affected me. First, why does anybody, any measurement of black have to be an amount of lucky to be successful at any stage of their life. To pray and ask god for lighter skin because you believe that will make you feel beautiful only makes you less attractive. God made us how we are and nobody should judge one another I believe that Lupita gave the speech in 2014 on purpose. I say this because young females today are so quick to do what the next celebrity did to try to seem like it will make them more attractive. Our generation has seemed to forget about inner beauty and self appreciation because females watch whomever males pay attention ad think that they need to model their appearances. Lupita also talks about the fact that her “darkness” always felt like an obstacle to overcome when that should never have been a thought in her mind. This also hit me quite deeply because my girlfriend went through her natural phase and because of her pictures coming out too dark or her seeming not pretty enough because girls with lighter skin would try to talk to me. From the beginning I let her know that I love her and she is beautiful. Outer beauty is a timed existence but inner beauty is the dream goal for those who compensate for

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