African American Studies Essay

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Hate in School Systems Racial hate crimes and school killings are happening all around us in the world today. Not only are these things happening, but also they are happening at an alarming rate. One would think that by now racial hate crimes would be dwindling down, if not gone completely. As far as school shootings, it is hard to wrap your head around why that would ever happen. There is no reasonable explanation as to why either of these should happen. The movie’s Higher Learning and Crash both do a very good job at helping us to gain a deeper understanding of such violence or strife. Both of these movies have realistic story lines and portray real life situations that happen on a consistent basis in the world today. Higher Learning does a great job showing the events leading up to a school shooting, which also happens to be a racial hate crime. Crash does a good job showing different racial hate crimes and racism in general across all races. The events that take place in Higher Learning are very scary, especially as a college student today. The time frame in which this movie was made was back in the day a little bit and things were different back then to a certain degree. At that time, schools were more segregated than they are in today’s age. When whites and blacks were told to room together, tempers boiled over at times. In the movie, the white man and black man couldn’t get along, which led to the white man going crazy and eventually going off the deep end and killing blacks. On the other hand, the white girl and black girl who roomed together got along just fine, and really cared for one another. This movie showed that racism was not bad enough to where blacks and whites never got along at all, yet it was bad enough that in certain situations in could lead to racial hate crimes and even school shootings. One would think, or at least wish, that racism

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