African American Studies Essay

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Moneka Williams LS 130 October 30, 2012 Dr. Bernard Essay #2 In the book “Doing Race” it is mentioned that “Identities are Where the Self Meets Society” this statement was made to prove that once an individual can identify with themselves and the people around them it will play a role when they interact with the world and how it affects them in the long run. “… The second insight about identity is that our individual identities are, in part, given to us by others…(page 362) this statement is in fact true the people around us in today’s society actually do play a part in who we become later on in our lives. Being able to identify yourself will allow society to see us for who we are and they will also be able to see what we can bring to the table as individuals, as stated in the book there is a ‘meeting place between ourselves and society’. There have been times when I have been called weird or even unique (in a good way) and society would accept me even if I don’t fit the descriptions of being an individual of the norm today, either way I will be accepted because of all the positive things I can bring to the table that will allow to somehow make the world a better place. Another example given in this particular essay was “Identities Are Dynamic” this defines who you are and how you tend to act depending on location, for example I am known to be a very laid back young African American female getting her life together, however being from Brooklyn, NY I have seen a lot and have been through enough to know that I don’t want to struggle like everyone else at home, with that being said when I am home I am very aggressive because of the lifestyle I had when before I moved to North Carolina. Location can play a big part in how you act “…. Location location location. Who are you at any given moment depends on where you happen to be and who else is there…”(page

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