African American Rights Essay

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This topic is about the struggle African Americans had to go through to earn freedom and their rights. The three initial time periods are the Enslavement of Africans Era, Building Democracy Era, and the Civil Rights Era. African Americans have influenced America through the minds, cultures, aspects of life, and the real meaning of America, freedom. The freedom of African Americans was like one of the final links that America had made to make this country more of a man’s changing idea of utopia. The Enslavement of Africans Era starts from the beginning, when slaves were imported into America to work on cotton plantations. Which eventually lead to President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, this legally freed all slaves in the Confederacy. In the average white man’s point of view during this time period, they thought blacks were demons from hell that didn’t deserve anything good. Society for African Americans at this time was terrible; they were segregated and treated differently from the non-colored people. Most blacks worked on plantations. Plantation like was hard and dreadful. Not only was the work harsh, but the hot, blazing sun they were in all day was torture. Not all blacks worked on plantations, some of them worked in cities as blacksmiths, house maids, or any other available occupation that wasn’t rejected to them because of their skin color. Even though Congress passed many laws, such as the Fugitive Act, which made it illegal to harbor an escaped slave. Also, the banning of importing slaves, another Fugitive Act that mandates the government for supporting the capture of escaped slaves, and the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery. Yet, most whites ignored these laws and went along doing the opposite. The struggle for the government to try to change society, for the better of man was hard. There will always be a group of people, (in this situation,

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