African American Life In 1900 Essay

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In my recent research, I have come across many newspaper articles that showed the growth and accomplishments of African American's Life in 1900's. In January of the 1900 one of the articles came from wanderers of the South. The miracle of this wanderer was the migration to Atlanta, and writing anonymous letters to news, which ensured that many of other African Americans would see it to be saved to move to a better life. Many of the African Americans in that era had faced tremendous fights and gained power threw it all over the time period. Through the nineteenth hundreds African American such as “Negros” communicated and ran for many of the office chairs to fight back. According to the Freeman paper, one article titled “Wanderer at the Gate…show more content…
According to the article “The Paris Exhibit Outline of the Phases of the Negro Life upon Which Civilized World Will Be Asked to Pass Judgment” stated that the United States Commission to the Paris Exhibition of 1900 has assigned space in the Social Economy Building to be used for an exhibit of the present condition and progress of Afro-Americans. According to a circular issued by a special agent Calloway in the article stated, ‘the proposed exhibit includes the following outline, arranged in classes: Education, to include photographs, samples of work of pupils, literary productions, statistical charts, Homes, Farms, Skilled trades and Organized Labor, Domestic Service, Business, enterprises ,Professions, Milliard Life, Political Life, Churches, Books and Work of Colored Women. Threw all many of the African American accomplishments it was time for African Americans to get acknowledged for there efforts and works. According to the article, they waited until Congress appropriated and made availability, as it doubtless will, the $15,000 asked to start the project. Many of the Negros back in life had the same mind set that “The negro at Paris would have the eye of the world”, stated The Colored
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