African American Introduction Essay

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The first chapter of the African American Studies book talks about the various myths, the roots, the various revolutions and the foundations and philosophies of African Americans. The very root of the African American studies is to educate people to eradicate the biased prejudices against the African Americans, to form an educated knowledge about their origin and to learn to respect their culture and diversity. Africans were first brought into the land of America as slaves. The slaves were exchanged for good such as alcoholic drinks and popular sweet. However, the slaves, after being brought into America, were stripped of their dignity and divested of respect. Their women were raped, children and men were killed, and they were made to go through every hardship possible. They were referred to with terms as derogatory as Niggers and Negro, the terms introduced by the white populations and the Europeans. In spite of all this disrespect, started with the Civil Rights Movement in 1960, started revolutionizing for their rights and fought for equality. It is their hard work and bravery that has eradicated terms like Nigger and Negro and were referred to as Black Americans or, more widely accepted, African Americans. The study of African American Studies will expand and impose knowledge through scholarly research, theoretical inquiry and policy analysis. It is very important to understand the very roots of the African Americans, the many fights they had to go through and hardship they have shown over the years in order to understand their culture and treat them equally, as they rightfully

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