African American Informative Speech Outline

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Jerry Covington Class: HIS 203 Instructor: Professor Ralph Proctor Due: 02/11/2013 General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about African Americans Families Today Central Idea: The issues and controversies that affect African American Families In examining the myths and realities of the African American family life today, my hope is that you will have a critical examination of contemporary life chances as an African American. It is essential however that we ask hard questions and examine facts rather than rely simply on the perceptions to interrogate the often-heard assertion that the election of the first African American president of the United States has and will dramatically improve the lives of…show more content…
Change Attitudes about Homeless People. 4. Spread empathy toward homeless people, then action will follow. 5. Become Friends with Homeless People 6. Give to the Homeless. Give money, necessities, time, knowledge, labor, friendship, or simply acknowledgement 7. Push for Change. Homelessness is symptomatic of problems with our society Homelessness is not a disease, it is a symptom. To combat this illness of our society, we need to speak out. I’ve just discussed 1), circumstances that Lead to homelessness, 2), homelessness’ ability to touch all races and ethnicities and 3), ways in which you can work to end homelessness. In conclusion, To tackle the problem of homelessness in America, the Government, organizations and groups need to address interlinked issues such as lack of adequate housing, poverty and unemployment which are the most common causes for homelessness. With increasing population and an economic downturn looming large in the future, it is imperative that policies and strategies are formulated that treat these crucial issues in a holistic and sustainable manner, so as to reach permanent and lasting

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