African-American in Our Eyes Black People Crime Rate, Racist, and Racial Inequality Essay

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African-American in our eyes Black people crime rate, racist, and racial inequality Since our country was a slaveholding society, the slaveholders began to associate African-American with crime as a part of their justification for the institution, and the historians have noted that the south historically has had higher crime rate than other parts of our country. In the 70’s and early 80’s, the rise of drug-related violence and homicides in the city caused people to become more worried about African-American as criminal predator than petty thief. Many research in our country shows that many of us believe that African-American mostly engage in crime at the highest rates of all racial categories. But what the reason to make us think and see African-American as a stereotype “Criminal black man”. Is it because violent, and crime is the African-American culture? With this research, the data from many source online and my opinion, the goal of this research is I hope I will make you understand more about what happen in black communities in our country which affect the way the people look at them, and answer the question why people look and treat black people unequal. Race and our Criminal Justice System Today, when I was doing the research for my writing, I was found one article from ACLU( American civil Liberties Union). The article is about Racial bias in our criminal justice system keeps more African-Americans on probation and in prison than ever before. The relationship between race and crime in the United States has been a topic of public controversy and scholarly debate for more than a century In their article they say that one in three Black men can expect to spend time in jail in his lifetime. In the operation anti-drug as known as “War on Drugs” which was carrying by law enforcement in our country, the effect of this operation on communities of color

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