African American Homosexual Women Essay

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Running Head: AFRICAN AMERICAN HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN AND HIV/AIDS: ADDRESSING STIGMA AND BETRAYAL African American Heterosexual Woman and HIV/AIDS: Addressing Stigma and Betrayal Abstract The HIV/AIDS epidemic has been around for the last twenty years. In the beginning in America, those most affected by HIV/AIDS were gay white men and intravenous drug users. But the populations affected by the disease have expanded to include Black men and women. Consider that the number of African American women infected through heterosexual sex is the largest growing infected population and that the numbers are rising disproportionately. Many factors account for this, the main one being betrayal from the men in their lives who engage in sexual…show more content…
Betrayal from the man in her life is the cause of her infection. On a recent episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah addressed this issue saying, “this hidden culture of men living a dangerous lie has ruined so many lives. It has broken up families and put so many women at risk.” But what is this “hidden culture of men?” In the mid 1990’s author E. Lynn Harris first shed light on bisexual black men who lead double lives. He gave a name to them, referring to them as men who live “on the down low,” or Down Low men. They are men who cheat on their wives and girlfriends by having sex with other men. In a 2003 New York Times article titled, “Double lives on the Down Low,” writer Benoit Denizel-Lewis wrote, “today, while there are black men who are openly gay, it seems that the majority of those having sex with men still lead secret lives, products of a black culture that deems masculinity and fatherhood as a black man’s primary responsibility--and homosexuality as a white man’s perversion.” He further

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