African American History Class Note Essay

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• Dr Oscar Anderson fuller – the first African American man who has PhD in music, he was trying to apply through a good universities but he couldn’t due his color. (extermination) • Dr Charles Hoard – from St. louse – Lincoln university + History doctor from Indiana and he has 18 brothers and sisters who have Master or PhD degree • Dr Lorenzo Greene PhD in History. • Colored ----> Negro (Nigeria) ----> Black ----> African American • African American, Asian, N.A Native American, Mexicans. • Biological names: o Caucasoid = Europe / Aynor o Mongoloid = NA / Abler/ Asian/ Mexican o Negroid = Atoka • In 2009, 70% of people who were stooped in Missouri were Blacks • Worst slave treat: o USA o West Indiana o Europe. • How did we know about black people? There was a drawing on woods and stones • Diego El Negro = James the Black, he helped Christopher Columbus in 1502 because he was there before. • 1619 Plymouth Rock • I.S. black had to serve 5 – 7 years to get their freedom • Blacks help built Wall Street • blacks Passing middle passage: o 40-60 (90) days o 50 % death = Senegal  Colombia S.C. • Blacks jumped to get back to Africa were they drowning or eaten by Sharks • Nat turner and Gabriel Prossor were slaver revaloter • Slavery destroyed by the body and spirit. • Self fall filling prophecy: Whatever you are told, you believe it and act out it • In 1926, women could vote • 1600 – 1800 most slaves come to America from West Africa. • S.I.P: Savages Ignorant and Primitives • 1200 years before Columbus surf 292 Son hay, Ghana, Timbkte • In 292, blacks were organized families, school, Banks, Gold and culture. • The slave started from West Africa and End in Europe • Cycle of slaves: Children of slaves become slaves. • Culture Genocide: o Separate from their families o Name change o Language o Religion • 50% of 20 millions died

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