African American Diversity Research Paper

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Diversity Page 1 Checkpoint: Hispanic American Diversity Due Date: December 9, 2007 Diversity Page 2 Cuban Americans Cuba is an island south of Key West Florida in the Caribbean Sea and Havana is the capital. Cuba has been under a communist dictatorship for many years that has resulted in poverty and economic hardship for its citizens. Cuba’s historic contribution is its internationally known cigars and the Cuban Missile Crises from the John F. Kennedy era. Religions are Roman Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and Santeria, prior to the current dictator taking control 85% of all Cubans were purportedly Roman Catholic. The literacy rate among Cubans is 99.8% and the national language is Spanish. The Cuban ancestry is from African…show more content…
New York, New Jersey and California is the home for 23 percent of the Cuban immigrants and Miami Florida represents 63 percent. Dade county Florida is the epicenter for the majority of Cuban American cultural centers and political functions. Cuban Americans have asserted themselves politically with 78 percent voting in the 1998 elections. Cuban Americans are educated with 17 percent completing some form of higher education and 96 percent being bilingual speaking Spanish and English. This political and community involvement has cased some clashes with African Americans and other minority groups, but I would contribute this to growing pains culturally. Cuban Americans range in religion as many other Americans from Protestants, Jewish and Roman Catholic among others, with Roman Catholic being the current majority. Diversity Page 3 Economically Cuban Americans are doing quite well and the family life has changed with the female members and children having more freedom and authority in the family. Seventy percent of Cuban Americans reportedly said in a survey they would not return to Cuba, while the first Cuban immigrants may have been hoping for a short stay in the United States, subsequent generations have made it their home. Mexican…show more content…
The traditions of Puerto Rican Americans tend to be a blend of Afro Spanish beliefs, which merge the African traditions and Roman Catholic traditions. However, the majority of Puerto Rican Americans are Roman Catholic; the influence is still present from the past. The Puerto Rican language is a Castilian dialect that differs from traditional Spanish in pronunciation. The family is patriarchal and similar to Spanish traditional beliefs and extended family is very important. Puerto Rican Americans are ethnically diverse because of the intermarrying of Spanish, African and Indian decent. Unemployment is by far the worst problem for Puerto Rican Americans to succeed against, not to mention the host of social

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