African American Discrimination Research Paper

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Something to Prove: It’s Really about Us All XXXXXXXXX EH1020 English Composition II December 13, 2011 Abstract In this paper, I will discuss how African American race has overcome obstacles such as, racism in the American society, stereotypes, and various other hindrances; some of which are blatant and those that are concealed. The paper will focus of the individuals that have gained success and it will discuss a handful of facts that could potentially lead the African American down a road of certain failure. I have written about the psychological and social issues that some African Americans face; both in slavery and in the modern 21st century. Throughout, my paper will tell tales of how African American endured the hatred…show more content…
The article, “African American Men and the experience of Employment discrimination” by Mong and Roscigno (2010) states, “Discrimination is often inferred as an influential mechanism, yet seldom directly examined in its own right (p. 1). To examine discrimination in its own right, first, there is a need to admit that it exists. The article continues to examine discrimination in the workplace. In Brier and McBaldi’s study (as cited in Mong and Roscigno, 2010) “Gaps on key economic indicators such as employment, occupational prestige, income, and job mobility persist some forty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act”(p. 1). The statement helps prove that discrimination has not just begun and it proves that discrimination was a problem during the 1950’s and 60’s and continues to unveil in today’s times. The study was implemented to use the results as a tool to decrease the discrimination that occurs in the workplace for African American males, and to make organizations aware of what is going on in places of employment. The article could not be clearer that there are underlying social and interactional processes that need to be addressed in order for discrimination to be discontinued. Through the research, the article finds that discrimination, even harassment, is a prevailing problem for the African American…show more content…
Johnson Publishing Company Inc. 1990. Retrieved November 14, 2011 from High Beam Research: Cogburn, C., Chavous, T., & Griffin, T. (2011). School-based racial and gender discrimination among African American adolescents: Exploring gender variation in frequency and implications for adjustment. Race and Social Problems, 3(1), pp. 25-37. Jaquette, A. (2008), Notable African Americans! Dr. Charles drew father of the blood bank. Skipping Stones, 20(2), 10. Retrieved from ProQuest database on November 11, 2011. Mong, S., & Roscigno, V. (2010). African american men and the experience of employment discrimination. Qualitative Sociology, 33(1), 1-21. doi:10.1007/s11133-009-9142-4 Simons, R., Leslie, G. S., Callie, H. B., Drummund, H., & al, e. (2006). Supportive parenting moderates the effect of discrimination upon anger, hostile view of relationships, and violence among African American boys. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 47(4), pp. 373-89. Retrieved from Proquest on November 15,

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