African American Diary Entry Analysis

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Journal Entry of an African American Elizabeth Theodore Axia College of University of Phoenix Till this day, I continue to have nightmares almost every night of that frightening moment in my life. On that day I would be separated, more so ripped apart from my mom and my two little brothers. That would be the day that I would call my last in my country of Africa; the day that my life would change forever. It all happened so fast, I remember it like it was yesterday, I returned from the basin with water for mom to cook supper when I heard a stampede rushing towards our village. I poked my head outside of the door to see a fluster of unidentified white men with guns, whips and shackles held high above their heads. Their yells were loud enough to wake the dead and the fierce in their eyes showed no mercy. I screamed and before I knew it, I was being hauled away from my cottage with no sight of my family anywhere. Could this truly be happening to me? Never a day in my life I saw myself being away from my family. They loaded several of us…show more content…
I did not know how to feel because I had spent years and years as a slave, but I would have more troubles to come. For some reason, when slavery was ended, I thought that things would somehow change. However, White individuals continued to treat us as if we were slaves and deserved no respect. African Americans abroad would be subjected to a severe case of racism and segregation. I figured the passing of this law had outraged the White folks and in turn we would never be treated equally. We could not use their bathrooms, restaurants or even water fountains. Racism and segregation was at its peak and there was nothing that we could do about it. It is said that even in this present day that racism and some forms of segregation still occurs. I have reason to believe this information, however I will not let it play a role in my
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