African American Culture In The Bluest Eye

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Introduction “The Bluest Eye is the story of a young African American girl and her family who are affected in every direction by the dominant American culture that says to them, "You're not beautiful; you're not relevant; you're invisible; you don't even count." That is what is painful in the novel -- the way in which our country has dealt with race, the way in which the power structure has hurt us, and the way in which it has made us hurt ourselves. Often enough we African Americans don't get the opportunity to say "This is the source of my dysfunction, and it’s not all my fault." To be shown that when you are young is painful, horrible. On the other hand, it is very affirming to have all these things made very clear and relevant;…show more content…
Students followed the carefree lives of Mother, Father, Dick, Jane, little sister Sally, and Spot. The characters’ environment represented the white, middle-class American ideal: a home and neighbourhood that was clean, safe, and friendly, where no one ever scraped a knee, got into a fight, or was punished for misbehaving. Father would come home after work and eat a dinner made by Mother, and the family lived securely behind their white picket fence. For many children of the Depression and World War II era, the “Dick and Jane” series did not speak to their experience of poverty and suffering. Many grew to resent the artificial illustration of American life that the books offered. As America continued to evolve in its ideas about race, gender, and class, the “Dick and Jane” books strove to reflect these standards. With the fervour of the Civil Rights movement, more inclusive versions of the stories appeared which included African American, Asian American, and other minority families, acknowledging America's diverse population. Questions to consider: • What is beauty? Consider the following as you write: Think about someone that you feel is beautiful. Why do you believe that this individual is beautiful? What are some attributes that make a person beautiful? • How does society’s portrayal of what is beautiful influence the individual’s definition of beauty? Consider the media (e.g. newspapers, magazines, television, films, etc.) and how it plays a role in how beauty is

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