African American Civil Rights Movement: The Struggle For Justice

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African American civil rights Movement “The Struggle for Justice” By. John Anderson 10/14/13 Instructor: Tiffany Wayne History 204: 1865 – to present “The civil Rights Movement” When you look around America today we find a diverse set of people,places, and cultures throughout society. We find many people of all races coming together to do many things to help our society. Things have changed especially for African American's struggle for equality since the civil rights movement. What I find most interesting is the History of Civil Rights Movement. It's through this movement that shaped America and highlighted its shame of segregation and racism that was so common during the reconstruction of America and into…show more content…
A young seamstress and former secretary of NAACP named Rosa Parks. She refused to give up her seat. This sparked what was known as the bus boycott Montgomery Alabama. This boycott was organized by a young 26 year old black minister named Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. This movement caused Africans to walk to work and refused to ride the bus. This put Martin Luther King Jr. at front of the civil rights movement. His leadership was done in a fashion of non-violent protesting from the pull-pit. He urged African Americans not to take the bus to work until they desegregated the buses. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his first speech "We have no alternative but to protest”. For many years we have shown an amazing patience. We have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated. But we come here tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice."Martin Luther King Jr. (2013). The Biography Channel…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. (2013). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved 01:38, Oct 01, 2013, from There was no more bigger figure in Civil Rights then Martin Luther King Jr. His speeches such as“I have a dream”, And his preaching of love and refusal to engage in violence gave many hope for change in the racial tension in America. King was a minister,activist,noble peace prize winner, and American hero. Letort, D.(2012). The Rosa Parks Story: The Making of a Civil Rights Icon. Black Camera 3(2), 31-50. Indiana University Press. Retrieved October 1, 2013, from Project MUSE database. Letort writes about the impact of Rosa Parks on the civil rights movement and shows us the story of Parks in a fashion in which we look through her personal story and how she was viewed by the media. Rosa Parks beam the first real activist scene on television which inspired many for cause of civil rights. This highlights not just race but also media

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