African American Civil Rights Essay

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The African-American Civil Rights Movement History and overview The African American civil right movement took place between 1955 and1968. The African American civil right movement was a social movement in the United States concerning the issues against black African Americans such as discrimination and others like getting them the right to vote. The African American movement is a very complex and long period but in this overview I am going to explain it from the period 1955 to 1968 and referring it to the south region of the United States since there is were it was more problems concerning the black community. One of the most important facts of the African American civil right movement is that it was categorized because of its non-violence campaign. A lot of them got into jail and serious trouble with the local governments because they were accused of been violent even though it was no true they were discriminated and abused just because of their skin color, but the black community continued with they campaigns to obtain their rights. They did boycotts and protest some of the most important boycotts were: the Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama between 1955 and 1956, and marches such as Selma to Montgomery in Alabama 1960. Montgomery bus boycott: The Montgomery bus boycott took place while the African American civil right movement it was a civil and a social protest against the governmental law of racial segregation that was prohibited in the public transportation of Montgomery, Alabama. This protest started on December 1 of 1955 when an African American woman named Rosa Parks got arrested because she refused to give her seat to a white person. The protest ended on December 20, of 1956 with a federal case held by the united states supreme court called Browder vs. Gayle this decision told the country that the Alabama segregation laws were
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