African American Business Ownership Essay

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African American Business Ownership By: Victoria Armstrong - Mensah “What! You didn’t do it! I specifically told you to do that! Sorry?!? Sorry don’t cut it! This was you’re last chance! You better drive your sorry behind up here and gather your stuff cuz you’re fired!” What I’m going to be talking about is how to start, manage a business and how a person’s race affects their business outcome. In order for a person to have a business they have to go thru many steps to be a successful business owner. Starting a business is not as easy as it seems. According to there are many African American Business owners and they are also pretty successful, but when one has decided to start a business what would they have to go through to start. Now what most people lack doing is finding a mentor. You might want to look for mentor that sold similar products or has a business that does very similar things to what you want yours to do. If you find a mentor you would be able to ask them question and build and learn on their mistakes they could also give you some tips on how to make people by your product or to stay in business. After you find a mentor you would need to write a business plan. In your business plan you should write down all your thoughts that you think might work. You may want to ask your mentor to see if any of the plans are too crazy or impossible to complete at whatever stage you placed it. After you make your plan you have to start budgeting Money wise some people are just terrible they spend and spend and never save. But if you start

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