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The article under consideration is what are the state and image of african American in American art ? Work by Crouther B (December,2007). The author’s main point is the state of African American art and the Image of the African American artist in American art and about Alain Locke . Alain Locke believes that there is so much ignoring that period about African art. He also believes that African art need to be a great value for all African American, so that makes him to supported the establishment of the south side Community Art Center in 1940 in Chicago. He presents a long list of events and artists that led us to be interesting and the culture '' Negro Art '' became more uniqueness, so there are many artist's works represent this culture ''Negro Art ''. As what I studied in African American Art class there are many artists believe the same idea of Alain Locke that is Negro art is different and interesting and made a lot of projects and achievements. One of the famous artists is George Washington Carver (1860–1943) developed peanut butter and 400 plant products, Carver was born a slave. He didn't go to college until he was George Washington Carver was a prominent African-American scientist and inventor. Carver is best known for the many uses he devised for the peanuts. There were many similarity suspects between Alain Locks and Carver such as good education , good position in university and encourage African artists to be more education and give them opportunity to appearing. This course has been extremely educative because I have learnt several ideas about African American art that are similar ideas in the article. The following are some of the ideas. One, I have learnt that African American art not only require ideas but also to be more realistic to illustraite thier reality as what Alain and Carver belive . Furthermore, the article mentioned that

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