African America Research Paper

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HISTORIAN AS CURANDERA I’ve read and learned that African Americans, Native Americans, children of color and women had been discriminated due to their skin color, gender and age. Africans were forced to abandon their native language, writing, reading, and culture to prevent organized resistance. During my teenage years growing up I’ve always heard that African Americans were slaves, but in reality I didn’t know their struggle or history. During middle school I never paid much interest in history or any other subject in that matter. I dropped out of school in the ninth grade because I was pregnant and didn’t return to school till I was twenty- four years old. As far as a history class is concerned, this is my first class that I’m taking since…show more content…
I’ve also learned that the goal of the conquerors was to attack and disrupt culture memory and to impose new teachings. I believe that although the oppressed had no choice but to do as they were told and were forced to speak and think as they were thought, no one can ever take your roots away from you, that’s who you are! Memories are part of life and never forgotten. Someone can forgive but never forget! That’s why I believe that the role of a medicinal historian is very important because their job is to connect historical identity within generations, which gives individuals a sense of who they really are and where they came from. When untold stories are shared, the absent becomes visible and history is learned. This can be a powerful way of correcting or changing the way individuals live as centuries go by. Slavery for African Americans was definitely unjust, and although I’ve never been discriminated for the color of my skin, I have experienced slavery, discrimination, and bondage at the age of only…show more content…
I am currently taking four class this semester, in which of course Chicano/a studies is included, Spanish 35, Communication 101, and Anthropology 102. I have typed all my in the order that I like my courses and teachers. I’m not trying to kiss ass but this is the only class where I don’t find myself bored or looking at the time to get out. The class topics are very interesting, the films are fun to watch, the dramas are my favorite because I love to act, and Mr. Andrew Monzon is just amazing he has the skills to pay the bills! My Spanish teacher is awesome, she’s a very good teacher, and she’s funny. Oh and get this I don’t even know her name I just call her maestra, don’t get me wrong I really like her a lot. I just thought I would share that with you so you should feel privileged. My speech instructor is pretty cool, he’s very chill. He’s alright I like him too. I only know his first name which it’s David. And lastly, my Anthro teacher is German and she’s geeky. She’s laughs very loud and funny and moves her hips from side to side when she is speaking and trying to express herself. I like her two but I can’t wait to get out of her class actually more like run out of there. I’m not saying it in a mean way I just need to be very interested with how the teaching is being delivered, that’s all. Well after all this positive criticism I just

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