African Action & Reaction Dbq Essay

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African Action & Reaction DBQ In 1884, unbeknown to any of the Africans themselves until received with European arrival, the great European powers met up in Berlin and conjured up a grand plan that divided up Africa into each of the countries own mass of colonial territories, used for the betterment if their mother country, later coined as the term the “Scramble for Africa.” If it was an already inserted thought in the Europeans heads that the land of Africa was free for them to do with whatever they wanted is known only to them, but Africa most certainly did not completely according to script on their say in the division of the land. Some of the African countries from the beginning never wanted the presence of Europe on their land, before they even began to plan for arrival, while other African countries continuously waged war against the Europeans, in attempt to drive them from the land. The remainder of countries immediately backed down and surrendered to the strength of Europe. In 1891, when the Ashanti leader Prempeh I received a proposition from the Queen of England that the people of Ashanti could use protection from England; he rejected the offer in the kindest way a leader could reject a leader (Doc. 2). The rejection was made with the purpose that the best way to protect their age old tradition and culture is to keep their culture free from any European influence, regardless of whether it was just for “protection” or for a higher, thought through reasoning. Around the same time period, Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia, seemingly already informed of the plan of African division, took it upon himself to write a letter of warning to the Great Powers that if they think that they would easily receive Ethiopia as a land of their own without a fight, that they were extremely mistaken (Doc. 3). An important part if their land had already been taken from

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