Africa The Motherland (On The Origin Of Things) Essay

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Africa: The Motherland Since the early years of civilization, Africa has been looked down upon. Little do others know, Africa is the originator of everything that exists today. Africa has framed the way the world works. Many have taken away from Africa without giving credit to where it is due. Africa is the motherland of all civilization because it is the originator of the human race, it has taught other civilizations, and it is home to the first religions. Africa is the motherland of civilization because it is the originator of the human race. According to archeologists’ findings, Africa is the cradle of the human race. Archeologists have unearthed the first human being in East Africa. The oldest skeleton was found in Ethiopia and given the name Lucy. Lucy is dated between 3.8 and 3 million years ago. In the poem On the Origin of Things, stanzas 13 and 14, the author wrote, “humanity sprang from your black seed,” being a clear indication of the findings of Lucy. Africa is also the motherland of civilization because she is a teacher. Many have taken the African culture and education to incorporate it into their way of living and learning. For example, artist like Paul Clay, Picasso, and Amedeo Modigliani have been “inspired” by African art, and have incorporated it into their works. In the poem Of the Origin of Things, the author says “They learned from you: Newton, Pythagoras, Kepler, and Galileo too,” explaining how Arthur the Great tore through Egypt in search of books so that he could be knowledgeable. During the Alexander’s invasion, he destroyed a civilization he did not understand. Prior to Alexander’s invasion, the Egyptians and Nubians were a smart civilization, creating the first social reform and going through twenty-five dynasties. Europe was just emerging from its preliterate past while Egypt had gone through its twenty-fourth dynasty. Egypt had the
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