Africa Sterotypes Essay

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In today's society all we hear about is the lies and untold truths about different races and countries. As people we wouldnt know if these things were true or not only if we have studied the different culture or actually been to the country of the place we were told lies about. The most common and unlead rumors that we hear are about the motherland Africa. We have so heard so many lies such as, their poor, can't get a good education also that they kill themselves for no reason at all. Another big lie we have all heard is that there is only one race over there which is just black. Alot of these things you see on television that are not true like death threatening diseases and starvation. These are some of the most terrible accuzation you can make about an country or people you have never met or not have begun to know. Africa is one of the largest countries in the world. The big giant land today consist of 54 countries created by the colonial powers. Which means its one of the richest continents in resources that the whole world depends on. Some of the things America depends on that we get from Africa is the gold, diamond, copper , zinc and uranium. The things are very important because we use gold for paints for cars and also jewlery. We use diamonds to use in tools because it is known to be one of the hardest elements on earth. Another major commodity is the colton that come from Congo in Africa which we couldn't live without because 90% of the world uses technology such as computers, I pads, tables and most importantly cell phones. The colton we get from Africa make sup of all the motherboards in our technology which we rely on to communicate and save lives and keep up to date with society.So the stereotypes of them being poor is not true at all. Another big controversy is that all aficans starve to death and doesn't have food and need help from the united

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