Africa Population Distribution

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Sub- Saharan Africa is populated with the largest amount of individual ethnic groups concentrated in individual areas on the planet. However most of Africa is very sparsely populated, with the highest concentrations in the areas around the Gulf of Guinea and around the rivers and the lakes. This high concentration of people around the water ways is leading to ever increasing amounts of pollution in the water supply. The African rainforest is decreasing at an incredible rate of speed. "More than 60 percent of the original African rain forest is gone." (Pulsipher) As well as depleting their rain forest Africans are cutting down their dry forests as well to make way for farmland and fuel wood and other settlements. Not only are they clearing their lands but they are grossly depleting the fish populations off of their coasts. THe wildlife which provides the protein, medications for the prevention of diseases, and revenue from tourism are becoming severely threatened by habitat loss. Desertification is spreading and water supplies are decreasing at an a rate faster than nature can replace it. This begs the question as to why they have not put into place restrictions and plans to save the ever deteriorating environment. In addition to environmental decline the economic well being of the country leaves much to be desired. The World Bank and other such agencies have taken fiscal responsibilities away from the states as well as cutting expenditures on government payrolls, health care, education and other such public services. Unfunding these public services creates and propels the poor situation that these countries are in. Their sole economic purpose for the time being is repayment of loaned from places such as the US and Europe and with each country in the region essentially being single export economies they have got a long road to travel.

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