Africa Film Analysis

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The way Africa was portrayed in both movies in a similar way. Through analysis of characters, themes and a sequence their similarities and differences become apparent. The character of Justin Quayle is played by Ralph Fiennes. Justin is a quiet and dispassionate British Diplomat. His plants are very important to him and he is very meticulous in his gardening. He is a weak and weedy man. His character is also portrayed in his clothing: he wears suits and has a plain and boring look. Ralph Fiennes manages to portray Justin very well. Not only does he have the British look: clean shaven, carefully schooled features and orderly but he also manages to become Justin in the way walks, talks and carries himself. Justin is very awkward and weak and Ralph Fiennes managed to give the reader that impressing just by his actions. One scene that comes to mind is when Justin is first confronted with Tessa. She outright challenges him and he responds very controlled and quietly. Even when he defends her, his voice doesn’t carry to the other students. Another scene that emphasises his character is when Tessa asks him to take her to Africa. He gives her an awkward laugh and tries to…show more content…
Blood Diamond makes use of Tassin Camp, “the second largest refugee camp in Africa” to emphasise the theme. An establishing shot shows the amount of people in that one camp. There are a lot of close-up shots of the camp and its people. These refugees lost everything and live in the refugee camp that gives them shelter and provides for their basic needs but they remain poor. Solomon’s family is used as an example for the people living in Africa. They are poor and live simple lives as fishermen for example. Solomon’s son has to walk great distances to go to school and receive and education. The countries and its people are poor, there are not many schools or hospitals or proper
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