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Afr Women Essay

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  • on October 9, 2011
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The matter of whether race and gender identities negate each other among Black women has not garnered much research in the social sciences. To some degree, this issue has primarily been addressed outside of academia, in the realm of practical politics. Black civil rights organizations, such as the Black Panther Party, and their predominantly male leadership have historically been less than receptive to gender issues of concern to Black women. Underlying this reluctance has been an assumption that gender identification among Black women is at best ‘irrelevant” and subversive. Hostility toward feminism has been further encouraged by the myth of the emasculating “black matriarch” hampering the progress of Black men. Patricia Hill Collins’ article “The Politics of Black Feminist Thought” paints a vivid picture of oppression that has helped define as well as limit Black feminist thought.
When dealing with the politics that surround Black feminist
thought, Collins paints a vivid picture of oppression that has
helped define as well as limit Black feminist thought.   Three
interdependent "dimensions of oppression" have led to this
perspective.   Collins illustrates the exploitation of Black
women's labor as the economic dimension of oppression.   The
political dimension of oppression is evident in the unequal
treatment of women at the voteing booth as a whole in America in
particular of Black women's.   Finally, an ideological dimension
of oppression has
formed that places qualities on Black women that have been
formulated by stereotypes from the slave era to modern day
manipulations by the media.   Collins argues, and a good one it
is, that this interlocking system of oppression has led to a lack
of control by African-American women in defining themselves and
to a "suppression" of Black women intellectuals and their
    Collins goes on to attempt to define Black feminist thought
by arguing that it is the Black female experience that is the...

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