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assignment 4: Looking into the mirror – what do you see When I look in the mirror I see a grown up independent, sassy, funny, humble, loyal, proud ,trustworthy, hard working individual. I see a smile so genuine , a smile that is pure and comes straight from the heart., A smile that comes so naturally , a smile that struggled to show its true self over the years. A smile that won against all odds. A satisfied smile that understands the impact it creates, A smile that wins hearts and changes lives I see opened big brown eyes that reflect the energies of my soul, the eyes that allow me to look into others souls in my daily life and appreciate the goodness of others or retracting from those who I believe will bring no value to my life, and in those same eyes I see the sadness of losing my dad, the yearning to want to see him again, the hollow void he seem to have left . And in these eyes I see him in the distance looking down at me with pride, beaming with an approving nod and smile of the person I have become, his little girl now a grown independent strong woman, In those eyes I also see the promise of my future, the things ,I’m looking forward to. The life I am working towards having. The accomplishments yet to be archived !!. I see a face that projects a sense of peace, someone who is non apologetic about anything she does and says, because all intentions come with pure intent. No hidden agendas or falseness , I don’t compare myself to others, neither do I measure my worth by anyone’s standards, No part of me looks for approval or acceptance. I am accepting of myself I see and feel the gratification in helping others, food for my soul. A very giving person who is always ready to make a small difference. Someone who wants to leave an impact in the lives I touch. I see a sense of accomplishment , when I reflect on how life started and all the hurdles

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