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Name: Rowena Rampersad Student no: 50085719 Assignment 2: Exploring language diversity where you live ------------------------------------------------- Contents Page Observation 1 Interview 2-3 Conclusion 4 Declaration 4 Observation 1 My observation took place in there are where my family lives, Sea tides which is 10 minutes away from Ballito. I attended a neighborhood watch meeting which is held at the local school. The residents that are involved in the neighborhood watch in the area came together to discuss the high crime rate. I focused my attention to the people that where there before the meeting could commence. I watched interaction between different race groups. Majority of the residents that where there spoke English but I paid special attention on a friend of mine Tuck Khumalo that was speaking to my knowledge what I thought was isiZulu. I took interest in his conversation with some of the other African people there, of course I didn’t understand a word they were speaking. They seemed very comfortable with their type of speech while communicating with one another. It was obvious the separation in communication in the room. Most communicated in English but those that spoke languages others than English felt more comfortable speaking to their fellow friends and family in their preferred language of choice that best suited them. I did notice

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