Afl And Nfl Merger Of 1970

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AFL and NFL Merger of 1970 Have you ever watched one of America’s most popular sports? The game of courage, heart, and determination. The game that separates the boys from the men. The game of football. But have you ever stopped to think about how the NFL came to be? What trials and errors did it have to overcome in order to be so successful today? What goals were achieved and what new doors opened for the league? Were there any major chain reactions that took place affecting the future of the league? The NFL wasn’t always the only football league in the United States. There was the AFL and the NFL. Two different leagues with different teams and a different level of talent and intensity. The NFL was the more popular and watched league. It received more publicity and larger crowds. It also had more money and was deeply established in the industry of professional sports. On the other hand, the AFL struggled as a league to get televised games and media attention. Its financial situation was a constant struggle and at one point in time the leagues survival was unsure. It was true game of the survival of the fittest. There was a major and much larger rivalry going on between the two and it arose many complications. As the rivalry between the leagues intensified, both leagues entered into a massive bidding war over the top college prospects. Both leagues were willing to pay huge amounts of money to unproven rookies in order to outbid each other for the best players coming out of college. Because of the intense competition, team’s often drafted players that they thought had a good chance of signing with them instead of selecting the best players. For example, if a player was expected to be drafted by an NFL team, no AFL team selected him to join their league. Once a player was joined to either of the leagues, they were put under an unwritten contract that stated they

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