Afl and Netball: Gender Issues

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AFL and Netball: Gender Issues From when a child is born, their gender will define what they can do for the rest of their lives. If born a boy, he will undoubtedly be shown the “boy sports” e.g. Rugby, AFL, Boxing etc. A girl on the other will be given a much different approach taking on sports such as Tennis, Netball, Hockey etc. This happens because boys and girls are thought differently. Girls are thought as fragile while boys are thought as “rough and tough”. The main problem that I will be focusing on is the sponsorship cycle and how it affects sport. For a mega company such as Coca Cola and Toyota, the opportunity to advertise at a sporting event can be a huge boost. The official AFL website list 3 tiers of sponsorship. The first tier is premier sponsorship followed by major partners and then finally official partners. The sponsorship cycle then follows around this. Premier sponsorship will receive the most advertising followed by major and then official partners. The sponsorship cycle will then take care of the rest through the T.V. Netball Australia lists 5 sponsors as their main support. Holden, Telstra, San Remo, ANPHA and the Australian Sports Commission are these 5. These are followed by New Idea, Kukri, 2XU, Hydralyte Sports, Gilbert and Asics. All of these brands are based in Australia and receive very little outside coverage. AFL mains sponsor, Toyota is global multi-billion dollar company. An average AFL player will earn $230,000 per season. A Netball team has a salary cap of $240,000 to share between 12 players. How is that fair? Netball players deserve to be paid equal to their male counterparts or at the very least have a pay rise so that they earn more than $20000 for a season that is roughly the same as an AFL player. WA today, reported that Caitlin Bassest struggles to get a job despite being the women who scored the goal to give the

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