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Chapter 8 Cadet Health and Wellness Program 8.1. General. The overriding factor in our unit Wellness program is cadet safety. Our Wellness program should not be considered a replacement for our school’s fine physical education program nor should it subject our cadets to overly strenuous physical activity found in a boot camp style environment. Although AFJROTC does not have cadet weight or physical fitness standards, we encourage cadets to establish their own physical fitness training program. Cadets enrolling in a college ROTC program, service academy, or those enlisting in a military service, will have to attain and maintain minimum weight and physical fitness standards. If you start a program now and stay physically active, you will reap the benefits of a physically fit body throughout your adulthood. If you are physically fit, you will perform better in school and in all other activities. For guidance and information, see Figure 8.1, Air Force Weight Standards. Both unit Instructors have their Adult Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training and current CPR cards. The unit also has on-site first aid kits as well as cell phones and a school radio for two-way communication for emergencies while on the track or in the Hangar. Parents or guardians will grant written permission for their cadet to participate in our unit Wellness Program. Our unit Wellness Program (Physical Fitness) is led and managed by our unit cadets to include planning and leading exercises to documentation and assessment. Program modifications will be made to strengthen cadet weaknesses. Warrior and elite PT programs will be considered for unit implementation this school year as well as a formal intramural AFJROTC team sports program in Volleyball, basketball & softball. All cadets who actively participate every week in our Wellness Program will receive the Physical Fitness

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