Afghan End Game and Pakistan Essay

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AFGHAN END GAME 1. Obama administration seems to have fulfilled the US agenda in Afghanistan i.e. elimination of Osama Bin Ladin, abolishing terrorism in the region, re-enactment and democratization of Afghanistan. President Obama asserted recently that Afghanistan no longer represents a terrorist threat to the US. According to him, “tide of war is receding” and that “America, it is time to focus on nation-building here at home”. If, largely, the goals in Afghanistan are achieved, this means setting in motion a substantial withdrawal of the US forces. 2. As the so-called “end game” in Afghanistan approaches, the thrust is increasing to find an agreeable solution to the conflict. The US and other troop contributing countries are determined to transfer primary security responsibilities to Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) by December 2014. While an internal consent among Afghan actors remains the most crucial element of any settlement, regional players also have an important role to play in facilitating progress. Among them, Pakistan’s role is pivotal. Scope 3. The scope of this article would revolve around, America’s evolving strategy in Afghanistan along with Pakistan’s short-term and long-term interests including certain terms that the US, Afghanistan, India would have to accept for Pakistani objectives to be met. Pakistan’s Objectives in Afghanistan 4. In terms of the end game, Pakistani policy leaders see their state as having two paramount goals:- a. The “settlement” in Afghanistan should not lead to a negative spillover such that it contributes to further instability in Pakistan or causes bitterness among Pakistanis b. The government in Kabul should not be aggressive to Pakistan and should not allow its territory to be used against Pakistan. 5. Interpreted into actionable policy, these objectives lead Pakistan to pursue three results:- a.

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