Afghan Development Essay

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Afghanistan Development Did you know there is only about 2 physicians and five nurses for every 10000 people in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is almost or fully surrounded by land they don't have import directly from the sea. They have 30 million people living there. One of Afghanistan's development problems is in their health. Afghanistans life expectancy is only 44 years old. Total spending on healthcare was 7.4 percent or $51 per person. There were two physicians five nurses and four hospital beds for every 10000 people. The infant mortality rate was 134 per 1000 live births. To give you another view on their health the U.S spends $9255 per person. Health isn't the only place that Afghanistan is lacking in development the education area needs help too. Only six years of education are required. The literacy rate is 28% of the population. Out of that 28% only 12% is women that can read. Only 8.4 million people out of the 30 million that live there are literate. Wealth and economics is where they are growing a little more as they go. So far there main source of jobs are industries like soap, furniture, shoes, fertilizer, cement, hand woven carpets, natural gas, coal, and copper carpet making. afghanistan is also receiving aids from countries. Afghans with jobs whether parttime or fulltime earn on average $410 per year or about $1 per day. 8 out of every 10 working age Afghan are unskilled day workers. To review everything Afghanistan is less developed in a lot of places. In health they only spend $51 each person. In education less than a fourth is literate. In wealth they are still on a low
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