Affordable Health Insurance Essay

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Our nation is in a health care crisis, you hear about it all the time and no one can seem to find a solution to the problem. With so many Americans losing their jobs, they are also losing their health care benefits from work. With a lower household income they cannot afford to pay for private insurance either. If we, as a nation, could reform health reform and make insurance more affordable more low income households could afford and get health insurance. As the unemployment rate rises to 11.5 percent, State of Fl Agency for Workforce Innovation (July 2010), many Americans are losing their health insurance benefits from work. With no or little income they cannot afford to pay for private insurance either. Thus there is a rise in so many Americans not having health coverage. There has to be something we should be able to do to make health insurance coverage much more affordable so more Americans can afford to provide health coverage for their families. We should do everything we can possibly do and speak to everyone we could possibly speak to in order to get the cost of insurance prices lowered so that when someone is sick they can afford to go to the doctors and if they need medication they can afford to buy their medications also. This is something we, as responsible American citizens, should do to help each other. Reducing the cost of health care will help everyone that goes to the doctor or takes medication would benefit from, and we should do all we can to get this done. There are many ways to reduce health care costs to make it more affordable. Importing medications from Canada could prove affordable so Americans could buy and take their medications. Now you may say this could be a dangerous move to make, but that isn’t true. Drugs coming from Canada have to pass the same standards of testing as they do in the United States. If our

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