Affordable Care Act Essay

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ObamaCare for You and Me English 111 ObamaCare for You and Me There has been much debate lately about affordable healthcare and frankly, the question seems to be who deserves good healthcare and who doesn’t. Although this should not even be a question at all--as all humans deserve the best healthcare possible, regardless of financial background--it seems that is not the case. If you are wealthy and have a great insurance policy, then you are treated much different than someone who is on the ‘bottom-ring of society’ and the healthcare that they receive is whatever Medicaid will allow, or even lower, the uninsured. It’s quite impressive how Americans have been innovative and arrogant about virtually every aspect of technology in regards to health care. If anyone has ever visited a country where there is a National Healthcare System in place for a naturalized citizen, there’s no debate that the citizens do not argue about how the Medical System has failed them. Many parts of the world, especially the United Kingdom, view us as cowboys—kind of like John Wayne where we are tough and can handle anything that comes at us like we are Superman. According to Melissa McCullough, “Americans have nearly 50 million people uninsured, millions of people forced into bankruptcy by medical bills, the highest per capita cost in the world, and the worst health outcomes than most of the industrialized world.” (McCullough, 2011) In the late 1990s I started to experience partial seizures that when undiagnosed by several doctors. I made very good money and had very good health care coverage and continued to seek help for more than a decade. It was in the early 2000s when I could no longer afford private health insurance since I was self-employed. I can count as many doctors as I have fingers that I complained about the same symptoms, doctor after doctor said the

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