Affordable Care Act Essay

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The Affordable Care Act will finally come to fruition in January 2014. At this time major aspects of the Act will start effecting citizens of the United States such as “U.S. citizens must have a Qualified Health Plan or pay a fine (2014 Timeline, 2013); “Medicaid will be expanded so impoverished adults will have access to coverage without today’s complex state rules; insurance companies may no longer deny coverage to anyone because of pre-existing conditions” (About the affordable, 2013) etc. While the Act was implemented with the best of intentions we can clearly see that where lines are drawn between doing what is best for countries and doing what lobbyist groups want government leaders to do. One of the most significant changes that will come about in 2014 is the expansion of the Medicaid system and the implementation of the Affordable Insurance Exchange. “Many families went uninsured because they were not wealthy enough to afford premiums on their own, but had incomes that were too high to qualify for Medicaid” (Witt, 2013). Both of these systems will enable more people to have access to health insurance whereas in the past this was not possible. The overarching goal of the ACA is to decrease health care spending by increasing access to healthcare and thereby enabling Americans to engage in preventative health measures that will decrease emergency visits and therefore decrease costs (Amadeo, 2013). The combination of Medicaid and the Affordable Insurance Exchange will allow people to determine what type of coverage they are eligible for in a simple, stream-lined process. “This system enables individuals and families to apply for coverage using a single application and have their eligibility determined for all insurance affordability programs through one simple process” (Affordable care act, 2012). Although the United States have offered federal

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