Affordable Care Act Essay

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According to the latest number there are forty four million Americans without health care coverage. This is due to the cost or to the availability of health insurance. It was with this in mind that President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act notably known as Obama Care. This is supposed to provide every American with health insurance. While Obama Care is highly controversial it is designed to make the lives of Americans better. The question most Americans have is how all of this affects them. This is a hard question to answer because the Obama Care is over one thousand pages long and it seems that no one has read them all. When you have a document with over one thousand pages, not everything in Obama Care works for everyone. There are things within Obama Care that simply do not make sense. The first is that every American must have insurance or pay a penalty. This is the biggest item of contention. First, this goes against everything that being an American stands for. We are supposed to be the home of the free and yet the government is now telling Americans what to do with their money. Another problem is that no one really understands what this program is all about. In order to purchase your affordable health insurance you go to a website called the Marketplace. You can visit this web site by going to This website is supposed to answer all of your questions. They even have a number that you can call in order to talk to a live person. The problem is that if you call and talk to two different people you may get two different answers to the same question. The biggest thing that Obama Care does is that if you work for a company that does not offer health care insurance, you can now get it. This is great for those that do not have health insurance available. It also has different options for those that fall into the low income demographic. So how

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