Affirmative Action: Should Minority Students Obtain A Higher Education

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The affirmative-action plan was intended to give minorities a fair chance to enter a college or university. Instead of giving minorities a fair advantage, it only gave them an advantage. Many minority students that entered a college or university to earn a higher degree were not able to earn the grades needed. This paper will discuss how the affirmative-action was not fair to any students. It will discuss how it was unfair to students that were entering college for sports gave minorities an unfair advantage to all, not just non-minorities. This paper will provide examples how the affirmative-action was not working to help everyone obtain a higher education. Many elite universities in the United States have delved into the issue of affirmative-action and the role affirmative action plays during the admission stage. Many universities automatically give minorities, African Americans and Hispanics, up to 230 points on a 1600 point SAT scale. Those entering for sports reasons obtain 200 admission points. Non-minorities do not receive this benefit or credit. Looking at the numbers from an ethical view it seems unfair for the non-minority students with the desire to enter the…show more content…
The system seems clear if a student is non-minority, the student will have to work extremely hard to make of for the bonus points that are given to minorities. What if a student is a minority and excels in sports? Should an athletic minority student receive double the bonus and who should decide to take a minority student who applies for admission with 1300 points receives a bonus of up to 230 points against a non-minority student with a score of 1500 points? When the top law schools were asked if the number of racial and gender backgrounds during first year admissions and then later told if they had not been told or were unable to find out what the incoming students backgrounds were the admission of these students would have fell by up to 82 percent in some cases (Espenshade & Chung,

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