Affirmative Action Essay

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May 5, 2014 AP English Although the Supreme Court makes wise decisions daily, it would not be wise of the Supreme Court to make a decision that will push for colleges to resort to race-based preferences. If colleges are able to make acceptances based on race there will be little to no diversity. This isn’t good because this could make an uncomfortable environment for those who are not the same race as the race that has a majority in the school. This could make a rise in on-campus hate crimes, also. It would also make it unfair for those who would like to attend a certain college but will not be able to due to their race. It is a major setback for many. Also, if someone were to be to their last choice in college and is not able to attend because they are not the race that they are looking for it would mean that the person will not be able to attend college unless they result in taking online courses. I believe that if the Supreme Court makes it possible for colleges to accept students based on their race they are making it okay to racial profile the college applicants. What this means is that if a college is looking for predominately white students and turns down Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, etc. then they are racially profiling those students. They are not allowing them and opportunity that they are offering to white students. This is completely unfair to those who receive the short end of the stick, and quite a few students will be receiving the short end of the stick. Also, if the Supreme Court passes this law then it would not be constitutional. It would go against the American’s rights. Not allowing people equal opportunities for an education as another race does not support our rights. As stated before, it is like racial profiling and racial profiling is against the law. Students should not be denied the right to an education just because they are not a

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