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Affirmative Action Essay

  • Submitted by: fishel
  • on November 21, 2013
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Promotions: Testing and Processes

By Erica Seals-Fishburn

PUB 406 GS

Professor R. Ben Carroll

Promotion in the public sector is considered to be a unique process that involves careful consideration and analytical assessment to determine the furtherance of one's career. The promotional process is used to organize employees in a chain of command according to rank, job description, and duties. In order for employees to be able to take full advantage of the promotional process, several factors have to be in place and made standard across the board to ensure fairness and favorable probability for the candidates as well as the agency.
Promotion of rank in the public sector usually intells leadership responsibility with streamlined concentration on skill, erudition, and deportment. These elements are especially important because of the nature of work involved in government agencies. A method most widely used by government agencies to evaluate candidates eligible for promotion is promotional testing. By testing these employees for promotion, key leaders are able to obtain a comprehensive overview of specific traits that make up the ideal person for specific positions. Researchers have found that having only knowledge of a job doesn't necessarily qualify a person for career advancement. Behavioral traits and leadership capability are also assessed to develop an idea of what is or is not desired from the individual. Broadening the scope of requirements based on testing traits of character prevents future mistakes made in the selection process which intern preserves the integrity of   that particular agency by only selecting those that meet or exceed standards that are set forth through policy. (OPM,2013).

There is certainly no perfect evaluation or promotional process, however, standardizing and promoting the testing process   creates an unseen filter that provides elimination of...

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