Affir Case Study Mcdonalds

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BJ restaurants 6th week BJ restaurant increase by 20 % after report from the company are planning to expand 10-12 % annually, also earn share would approximately double in 2016(.8- 1.6 per share) as he share close at 24 .228 BEKO 6th week: Beko there was no change this week. 3. Netflix 6th week: This week share were down by 15 dollar to 315.6 as there have been reports to sate Netflix share are flow to high to maintain it Value as well as cost of going global. 4. Sony 6th week Sony had slight decrease in sales in TVs and PCs on the previous quarter as share close at 12.677 5. Trip advisor 6th week: the share price for Trip advisor was slightly lower than last week as share close at 75.599 6. Bank of Ireland 6th week: this week BOI share were steady from last week free fall as share…show more content…
Facebook 6th week there was decreasing Face book shares as shares close at 49.97. 9. BSKYB 6th week: There was slight decrease in BskyB share as the price close at 11.34 10. BetFair 6th week: There was slight decrease in BetFair share as the price close at 14.302 11. McDonalds 6th week: There was slight decrease in McDonalds share price as their share price close at 71.00 12. AIB 6th week: AIB Share fell during last week due to large shareholders selling their share on to the market, as result share price decrease to .149 per share. 13. Apple 6th week: there was slight as Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer will step down in September which held the role for 15 years saw revenue grow from 8bn to 170bn annually. The share price close at 386.094. 14. P and G 6th week: remain steady increase in PG share this week as share price close at 58.279. 15. Starbuck 6th week: Starbuck shares slightly increases this week as shares close at 54.808. 16. Pepsico 6th week: There was slight decrease for Pepsi share as market close at 59.769 17. Kraft foods 6th week: There were steady increases this week as the share price close at 40.994
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